Toshiba Notebook PC's 25th Anniversary

I shot with Shibli from 『五時に夢中!』
hair/makeup artist 泉雅人

here's me bothering shibli on the phone

after the shoot,
sheep had a little conversation with the head person of Toshiba.
he told me that i should use toshiba (haha)
.....and that he went to a japanese international school
in taiwan with 金城武 XD  but i was amused :p
he also told me to look for this toshiba ad on the
internet, billboard, trucks, walls, newsweek, times mag, etc.
i was excitedddddd for this big promotion!

sheep in taiwan KMALL taipei station!
sheep in taiwan expo! thanks to kev shih!

sheep posters in 光華 guang hua digital plaza! thanks to zet!

sheep and friends in nova taichung ! thanks elaine erica vania!!! ♥
sheep in taichung nova area!
sheep in 光華 guang hua digital plaza
sheep and sheep! in 燦坤忠孝店!thanks momo!

sheep in HONG KONG 銅羅灣! thanku cherry!
it was a great experience and i had a lotttt of fun!
be sure to search for the sheep if ur in southeast asia!!! ;)
a wild sheep chase! *wink wink* 羊をめぐる冒険! *wink wink*