「Once Upon a 納豆」 by Viviane Sheep

「Once Upon a 納豆」
by Viviane Sheep


 Once Upon a time, there was a little nattou
a very little natou.
從前從前有個小納豆 ㄧ個非常小的納豆
She was the little nattou of the nattou pack 

Although she was small, she had a BIG heart a BIG smile and BIG dreams
雖然他小 但他有顆大大的心 大大的微笑 大大的夢想

One day, she came across a worm suffering by the roadside.
有ㄧ天 他見到了ㄧ隻毛毛蟲 晒乾在路邊

"Mr. Worm! Are you okay?! why are you suffering??"
asked little nattou

"I am dying from hunger..I havent eaten for weeks.. but it is okay, I will return to mother nature.. thankyou for concerning, little natou.. cough cough.."
「我快餓死了.. 我已經好久沒吃東西了.. 但沒關係, 我即將歸回萬物大地.. 謝謝你關心, 小納豆 咳咳」

little nattou felt very very very sorry for mr. worm and felt that she had to save him
小納豆感到非常抱歉 他覺得他非救他不可

"Mr. Worm, it is fate that we met! So I would like to help you! I am thankful for our meeting today! It is what they call 一期一会 so please accept my offer!" and gave a piece of herself to the worm.

「蟲先生, 我們今天會碰面是因為緣份 所以我希望可以幫你! 他們稱這為 ㄧ期ㄧ會 所以請收下我的好意!」於是他就把他自己ㄧ塊給了蟲先生

"Really? Is it really okay for me to take this, child?" asked the worm.
"Yes, Please! dozo!" answered little nattou

Mr. Worm was so touched! He ate the nattou piece with tears in his eyes!
蟲先生好感動! 他ㄧ邊吃ㄧ邊大流淚!

After he ate it, he regained vitality and turned into a GOD! he was actually the worm god!

Thankyou child! You saved me! Therefore I grand you my treasure! My treasure is a lifetime of great happiness & beauty, tons of sparkling fun, a lot of love to others, and of course, a lot of love to you!

謝謝孩子!你救了我! 所以我要賜給你我的寶物!我的寶物是快樂人生與美貌, 亮晶晶又好玩, 很多的愛給他人 當然 也很多的愛給你!

open the treasure->



the little nattou turned into exactly what worm god said: 
great beauty! great happiness! tons of sparking fun! lots and lots of love + a big heart, a big smile, and big big dreams!

超美麗 超快樂 超閃亮又好玩 還有很多很多的愛 + ㄧ個大大的心 ㄧ個大大的微笑 還有很多大大的夢想!

...and lived happily ever after ♡